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Wind Light Interduction

Details of Wind Light



GeneratorMicro wind generator with permanent magnet
AC/DCDC port for DC power
Battery working hourConstant lighting: Around 3 hrs (700mAh)
Cut-in wind speed7 Km/hr
IndicatorShow the situation of generating power
LED light3 Ultra bright LED


The indicator is back the fan, there is a green LED.

ChargingRiding(wind)USB or adaptor(AC/DC)
Green light onFaster is brighterAround 8 hours could be fully charged


  1. First time use, please pull insulation spacer out and charge 8 hours by USB cable.
  2. Do NOT disassemble Wind light. Any attempt to disassemble will void the warranty.
  3. Keep Wind Charger away from fire or high heat.
  4. Do not put wind light into water, it’s water resist.