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Wind Charger Interduction

Details of Wind Charger


GeneratorPower generator with permanent
Cut-in wind speed7 Km/hr
Battery working hourConstant lighting: Around 10hrs(2000mAh)
LED light5 Ultra bright LED
Size103mm H x 80.5mm W x 69.5mm
Weight124g(without batteries)

Charge and low power Indicator

The indicator is back the fan, there are green and red LED.

Riding (wind)USB or Adaptor charging
Green lightfaster is brighterAround 8 hours can be full charged
Red lightLow power need to charge

Change the fuction modes

Press LED button for 3 seconds, you will find red indicator flashing, it shows that the function mode was changed.

LED lighting modeTurning ON the LED function, but USB charging function was turned OFF.
USB charging modeTurning ON the USB function, but LED lighting function was turned OFF.


1. Do NOT disassemble Wind Charger. Any attempt to disassemble will void the warranty.
2. Do NOT put Alkaline or lithium batteries into the Wind Charger, use only NiMH rechargeable batteries.
3. Keep Wind Charger away from fire or high heat.
4. Do not put wind charger into water, wind charger is water resist, not water proof.
5. Suggest using over 2000 mAh NiMH rechargeable battery for charging cell phone. LSD( low self discharge) rechargeable batteries are better.


1. How long time will Wind Charger take to charge a cell phone?

Subjects to the capacity of rechargeable batteries and target device’s battery capacity. Wind Charger can accommodate dual AA batteries(2000mAh x2), around 1 hour it should charge up to 20% of iPhone 6.

2. How about the wind generator efficiency?

It depends on with the wind or against the wind. Wind generator will be start on 7 km/hr. Generally if the biking speed is 20km/hr, the charging current can reach 100-200 mAh. 50km/hr can reach 500-700 mAh.

3. Can I charge my cell phone while riding?

Yes, but we do NOT suggest night ridging . Because when you turn to USB mode, you can not use LED lighting.